Veterans Field of Honor

Answering the call. We in America enjoy the fruits of freedom because brave men and women answered the call of their country in time of need.

Earlham Cemetery’s Soldier’s Field was dedicated to the interment of many of those brave veterans, until spaces were no longer available in the late 1950’s. Over the years, veterans have called upon Earlham Cemetery to once again set aside ground for the burial of those who so honorably defended our country.

The Veteran’s Field of Honor here at Earlham Cemetery started in 1992 and occupies a spot in Earlham Cemetery that is distinctly visible to those who pass through the cemetery or travel past on U.S. 40. A custom-designed memorial rises from the ground, commanding attention and respect as our nation’s flag proudly waves above the heart of the Veteran’s Field of Honor.

Glen Haven Veteran’s Field of Honor was started shortly after and is located on the south side of the cemetery.

To honor all honorably discharged veterans, Earlham Cemetery, Inc. provides a space at no charge for those who have served our country. Any qualifying veteran may purchase a space for the spouse, and other family members.

Upon selection of spaces, vault costs will be included. The spouses matching veterans’ marker, and other related cemetery expenses could be paid in advance. The advantage is that you pay today’s cost and avoid future price increases. Please contact us for more information.

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